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2Beloved was founded by Mr and Mrs Mujungu to create a community of married, engaged and dating couples to share experiences and blessings in love with a view to strengthening these relationships.

Our Mission is to promote marriage by strengthening the relationships of married, engaged and dating couples through sharing experiences and creative events.

In a continuation of what started in 2004 when we first met, we conceived the 2Beloved community on Valentines Day 2013. We have been married since 2007 and are blessed with three children.

We have been blessed to have met great people on our journey that have set the example of what a stable marriage consists of. But marriage being like a marathon rather than a sprint, and it not being a one size fits all, we continue to learn on our own and from the community.

Like you, we deal with the pressures of everyday life like health, finances, schooling, children, work, family, friendship, forgiveness, mention it! We’re susceptible to life’s storms just like any other human being. That said, we are very deliberate about the methods and approach to our togetherness and resolute in shaping our present and future.  We believe and work to make it happen the way we want.

We know you can relate in more than one way! Please join with us as we collectively work to strengthen relationships of married, engaged and dating couples through sharing experiences and creative events. Thank you for your patronage!

Brief bios

Mr Johnson Mujungu  is a graduate of the University of Toronto and an Information Technology and Project management consultant currently employed as IT Supervisor at the Commonwealth Secretariat. He is also the former President of the International Community of Banyakigezi Inc.. Johnson is a connector, mentor, group facilitator and a community leader. He is  Connector’s Connector!

Mrs Grace Ntolera-Mujungu  graduated  from Manchester Metropolitan University with an MBA and worked as a Resettlement Officer with the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames before going into self-employment. She is currently the Executive Director at  Grajoh Investments,  owns and runs Grajoh Fashion and Accessories, a UK based online business and  Value Point shop – a Household, electrical goods and fashion shop at Aram Mall, Limbe, Malawi. Grace is a fashionista and into Interior designing. She is the epitome of gracious living.